14 Day Kindness Challenge Day 3 – Write Thank You Notes

And the Day 3 Challenge.. Write Thank You notes to 3 people..

That is something we miss out I believe. We say Thank You several times a day, but are we really aware of the appreciation? Well it is time to be now! I know how it feels because a few months ago I prepared a Thank you mail to my best two friends, with a photo attached and I could truly feel their hearts glow and shine through mine when they received it, so I strongly recommend we truly share our appreciation with people..

My action for this particular challenge was to write a Thank You mail to one of my ex managers, for her continuous support and becoming a dear friend, a mentor in my life. I know I am always in her thoughts and she is in mine, even at times when we do not communicate often. In my Thank You mail, I expressed my appreciation for her existence in my life. I can already see her smile and have some tears in her eyes when she reads this becouse I had the same when writing…

I also wrote a mail to a TV programmer (a cooking program) whom I like very much and thanked her for being an inspiration in my life. Hard to believe but she replied to me very nicely and inspired me again with a very beautiful poem:

Doors will open/Only know how to knock on/When?..I do not know/ Only stick standing upon..

Isn’t this rewarding?



14 Day Kindness Challenge Day 2 – Give a seat to someone

The second day of Kindness Challenge was asking the participants to give a seat to someone. In my culture this is still in everyday practice, normally younger people give their seats to older people and women at public transportation. However there are ones who pretend to sleep or be too much engaged with their phones, not to give their seats. The younger generation is comparatively more selfish compared to my generation, a pity…

My experience was exchanging seats with a lady on the train who was not comfortable sitting on a backwards seat. I offered her my seat and she accepted with thanks, explaining to me that traveling backwards was making her sick. When she was leaving the train, she thanked me again gratefully and wished me a good evening. I did the same and felt quite happy with a smile on my face for the rest of the evening..

Most of the participants did not have the chance to give seats to other people because either they did not use public transport or there were no lack of seats when they used one, however most of them found other ways to participate in the challenge, like giving their place to someone in the market que, etc. It is good to see that everybody is aware it is the intention and act, rather than type of kindness.

Promising for better days ahead!

14 Day Kindness Challenge Day 1-Give warm hugs!

Yesterday was the first day of 14 Day Kindness Challenge and the task was to give warm hugs to possibly everyone around. Celes prepared the task in two levels; Level 1 is the basic level and asks to hug 3 people. Level 2 is the advanced level and consists of hugging everyone you see in the day, a true challenge!

I started to accomplish my task by hugging my husband who came back from daily walking exercise. It is not a surprise for him since I hug him nearly every time he comes from outside but I became aware that I was not doing this that often recently, so this was a good chance to go back to factory settings about hugging the love of my life:)

Later in the day I went to hair dressers to have a nail and hair make up, but I did not give hugs to them since it is too much out of my comfort zone, but instead I gave warm thank you(s) and smiles from my heart to all the team who treated me like a princess.

Rest was the easiest part because I joined a dear friend’s engagement party where I met my lovely friends so I gave big and warm hugs to each of them, as always, but  as a significance, I totally was in the moment of hugging, feeling the physical warmness flow in my heart and soul. That was great!

I have to be fair to myself, I hugged a stranger at that party, my friend’s mom whom I did not meet before, but I did not feel her as a stranger and the hugging was very rewarding. A mum hug – does not matter whether it is your mum or not – always counts!

Being a quite “hugging” person to my loved ones, the lesson taken is “be in the moment of hugging and feel the warmness in your heart”; which will also certainly be felt by the one you hug!

Now moving on to Day 2 task…

Writing heals my soul…

Writing heals my soul...

Hello to all who is searching for a piece of healing for their souls in this crowded-but-lonely and busy world..

This is also a hello to my own soul, with a hope of a warm welcome.. Writing, my old friend, will help the weakened bridge to get stronger day by day..

I owe a big Thank you to Celestine Chua and her lovely and life improving website “personalexcellence.co”, for convincing to start up this blog, via the “14 day kindness challenge”. I will be sharing my daily experiences throughout this challange at this blog, between 1-14 November. Anyone can join by visiting this link—> http://personalexcellence.co/blog/kindness-challenge/

My aim is to continue afterwards with the sharings of my self development journey.

Hope we all enjoy!