Writing heals my soul…

Writing heals my soul...

Hello to all who is searching for a piece of healing for their souls in this crowded-but-lonely and busy world..

This is also a hello to my own soul, with a hope of a warm welcome.. Writing, my old friend, will help the weakened bridge to get stronger day by day..

I owe a big Thank you to Celestine Chua and her lovely and life improving website “personalexcellence.co”, for convincing to start up this blog, via the “14 day kindness challenge”. I will be sharing my daily experiences throughout this challange at this blog, between 1-14 November. Anyone can join by visiting this link—> http://personalexcellence.co/blog/kindness-challenge/

My aim is to continue afterwards with the sharings of my self development journey.

Hope we all enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Writing heals my soul…

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