14 Day Kindness Challenge Day 1-Give warm hugs!

Yesterday was the first day of 14 Day Kindness Challenge and the task was to give warm hugs to possibly everyone around. Celes prepared the task in two levels; Level 1 is the basic level and asks to hug 3 people. Level 2 is the advanced level and consists of hugging everyone you see in the day, a true challenge!

I started to accomplish my task by hugging my husband who came back from daily walking exercise. It is not a surprise for him since I hug him nearly every time he comes from outside but I became aware that I was not doing this that often recently, so this was a good chance to go back to factory settings about hugging the love of my life:)

Later in the day I went to hair dressers to have a nail and hair make up, but I did not give hugs to them since it is too much out of my comfort zone, but instead I gave warm thank you(s) and smiles from my heart to all the team who treated me like a princess.

Rest was the easiest part because I joined a dear friend’s engagement party where I met my lovely friends so I gave big and warm hugs to each of them, as always, but  as a significance, I totally was in the moment of hugging, feeling the physical warmness flow in my heart and soul. That was great!

I have to be fair to myself, I hugged a stranger at that party, my friend’s mom whom I did not meet before, but I did not feel her as a stranger and the hugging was very rewarding. A mum hug – does not matter whether it is your mum or not – always counts!

Being a quite “hugging” person to my loved ones, the lesson taken is “be in the moment of hugging and feel the warmness in your heart”; which will also certainly be felt by the one you hug!

Now moving on to Day 2 task…


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