14 Day Kindness Challenge Day 2 – Give a seat to someone

The second day of Kindness Challenge was asking the participants to give a seat to someone. In my culture this is still in everyday practice, normally younger people give their seats to older people and women at public transportation. However there are ones who pretend to sleep or be too much engaged with their phones, not to give their seats. The younger generation is comparatively more selfish compared to my generation, a pity…

My experience was exchanging seats with a lady on the train who was not comfortable sitting on a backwards seat. I offered her my seat and she accepted with thanks, explaining to me that traveling backwards was making her sick. When she was leaving the train, she thanked me again gratefully and wished me a good evening. I did the same and felt quite happy with a smile on my face for the rest of the evening..

Most of the participants did not have the chance to give seats to other people because either they did not use public transport or there were no lack of seats when they used one, however most of them found other ways to participate in the challenge, like giving their place to someone in the market que, etc. It is good to see that everybody is aware it is the intention and act, rather than type of kindness.

Promising for better days ahead!


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