14 Day Kindness Challenge Day 3 – Write Thank You Notes

And the Day 3 Challenge.. Write Thank You notes to 3 people..

That is something we miss out I believe. We say Thank You several times a day, but are we really aware of the appreciation? Well it is time to be now! I know how it feels because a few months ago I prepared a Thank you mail to my best two friends, with a photo attached and I could truly feel their hearts glow and shine through mine when they received it, so I strongly recommend we truly share our appreciation with people..

My action for this particular challenge was to write a Thank You mail to one of my ex managers, for her continuous support and becoming a dear friend, a mentor in my life. I know I am always in her thoughts and she is in mine, even at times when we do not communicate often. In my Thank You mail, I expressed my appreciation for her existence in my life. I can already see her smile and have some tears in her eyes when she reads this becouse I had the same when writing…

I also wrote a mail to a TV programmer (a cooking program) whom I like very much and thanked her for being an inspiration in my life. Hard to believe but she replied to me very nicely and inspired me again with a very beautiful poem:

Doors will open/Only know how to knock on/When?..I do not know/ Only stick standing upon..

Isn’t this rewarding?



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